+ I want to work for CHICABO! I want to intern for CHICABO. Where can I find the info?

Attach your resume in an email to info@chicabo.com.

+ How can my band/DJ open for (insert performer here)?

Send inquiry to info@chicabo.com for further assistance.

+ Where can I find the set times?

Try checking the venue’s Facebook, twitter or Instagram, the band’s Facebook, twitter or Instagram, or try contacting the venue the night of the show. Times are subject to change without notice.

+ Hi, I want to review a show or photograph a band at one of your events! How do I get a media/press pass?

Please email info@chicabo.com to inquire.

+ How do I buy tickets?

  • Online – Buy Tickets link provided by chicabo.com
  • Phone – You may purchase tickets by calling the local ticketing service for the venue. The number is often found on the venue website.
  • Box Office – You may purchase tickets directly at the venue box office. Check the venue website for specific business hours.
  • Outlet – You may purchase tickets directly at a local retailer. Check the venue website for local retail outlets.

+ How do I contact the ticketing company? I'm having trouble buying tickets.

There may be several ways to buy tickets depending on the show. Please visit the event information page for the concert you are interested in. Click on the “BUY TICKETS” button to see who is selling tickets for that event.

The majority of our concerts are sold ONLINE through one of the following ticketing companies:

OTHER OPTIONS/PRO TIPS: Often times you can save a few bucks buying in person. VENUE BOX OFFICE: Some venues offer sales through their own box office or a related venue box office, you should check the venue website.

+ What time zone is used for the show time and on sale time?

All dates and times are local.

+ How can I meet the band/contact the band?

Only the artist record company, artist management, radio stations, or meet n’ greet opportunities. Did you try asking/looking on their Facebook page?

+ How do I contact the band for a donation, charity, or special circumstance inquiries?

CHICABO is unfortunately not able to grant or forward requests for donations, charity tickets, or request for special circumstances such as private meet n’ greets with or on behalf any band or festival. We suggest you contact that band directly through their official website, Facebook page, or contacting their Agent, Publicist, or Manager directly.

+ How do I get directions to the show?

Directions for most shows can be found on the venue’s official site. Directions may also be available on the official ticketing company’s website for the specific event.

+ The show is this week and I don’t have my tickets, I’ve lost them, or they’ve been damaged. What can I do?

Please contact the ticketing company for the show you’re asking about as soon as possible to inquire. Scroll up to the “How do I contact the ticketing company?” question for a list of ticketing company contact info.

+ What happens if my show is cancelled or postponed?

Please call the ticketing company for the cancelled or postponed show to inquire about a refund or exchange. Scroll up to the “How do I contact the ticketing company?” question for a list of ticketing company contact info. Check your confirmation email for the name of the ticketing company through which your tickets were purchased.

+ Why can't I find a show on your website?

Below are a few guesses:

  • No shows are currently scheduled for the venue, date, or band you’re searching for.
  • CHICABO only lists an event after all information is confirmed with artist management. Events are always listed in time to purchase the day tickets are put on sale.